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Hardie sidings can have their appearance modified during construction such that they look like any other siding material that is out there.

For instance, it could be made to resemble wood, cedar shingles or shake wooden siding. The variety of color for hardie siding is also unlimited. However, their warranty most times run for only ten to fifteen years then it ends.

They at most times come with a fifty year warranty, although its transferability is limited on certain given conditions.

This siding does not rot at all and the materials used to construct it are insect resistant. This unforeseen strength makes it very durable and can also handle the ocean’s saltiness without getting any dents.

The shingles that are found in hardie sidings are timeless elements of design. They always bring out classic elegance and beauty which only add up to the architectural beauty of your home or the home in question. This type of siding is at times refereed to as cement board siding.

These sidings are of low maintenance but the materials used to construct is one that is long lasting. This product can be found in a numerous textures and also varied colors depending on a person’s preference. To add on it, the cost of purchasing and hardie siding installation is also affordable.

The longevity of this siding makes it very popular in the market. The appearance of this hardie siding is an added advantage also. The advantage is that this material can be modified to look like any other siding that the client wants. It can be modified to look like wooden shake siding, wooden lap boards and also it can be modified to resemble the cedar shingles.

What it means:
This means that those people who for instance wanted cedar shingles and could not afford or manage to purchase it, they could go for the hardie siding and then have it modified to resemble the cedar shingles that they wanted in the first place. The goodness with this is that the color variety is also unlimited.

The client can select any color that is virtually possible to have and then it would be made in that specific color that they chose. This siding is also storm resistant. This simply means that it would make the house to be able to withstand storms.

The composition of this hardie siding is ninety percent sand and cement. This is what makes it to be fire resistant. This means that even if there is an accidental fire incident, in or around where the house that has hardie siding is, it will remain completely unscathed as it is fire resistant. The people who would be in the house will remain safe. Hardie Siding is fire resistant.

This property makes it very popular since there is no worry of it ever catching fire which is a relief to many home owners. All this depends on whether the siding was installed properly so it is up to the home owner to ensure that installation is done by the professionals for the best results.