Hardie Siding Portland Oregon, Hardie Siding PortlandWhat are the benefits of using hardie siding
Many people have already been caught between choosing whether to use the usually vinyl siding or the newly hardie siding. The latter is a material which was introduced in the market not long ago. Many people believe that the new introduction represents an industry gold standard. Hardie siding is a material which is partly mineral and partly wood (the cellulose).

This material was a creation of Jamie Hardie hence the name. It is also referred to as cement board siding. It is typically billed to require very low maintenance when compared to other type of cladding materials. It is also a long lasting material and many people wonder if this material really does live up to its reputation. some of the benefits that one will get by using these hardie board siding to see how it responds to everything.

What are the pros of hardie siding
The usage of hardie board siding is a rising trend in the industry which many people have started to embrace. This product as many people put is that it will last for longer than other cladding materials. It also comes with a wide variety of colors and textures. This means a customer has a wide range to choose from depending on their taste. It is also affordable and there is a list of benefits that one will reap from using these materials.

Long lasting cladding material
Most of the hardie board siding materials usually come with a 50 year transfer warranty. This is quite a long lifetime of this material which makes many people to prefer it. The material is resistant to rotting and will thus not be affected by bacteria and fungi. Insects can never be a problem for those who have installed this form of cladding. It is also amazing that this material can handle salt spray from the ocean which means that it can survive many areas without deteriorating in quality.

This material comes in a wide range of appearances that a customer can choose. In fact, it can be made to mimic just about any other external cladding material including cedar shingles, wood lap boards and wood shake siding. In fact, there is no limitation of color that one can get from these form of cladding materials. These colors also come with a 10 to 15 years warranty of the finish that has been installed on them. For consumers, they surely have a wide range to pick from.
Fire resistance
This is an important aspect of all construction materials which are supposed to resistant to fire. Any material should be able to hold fire for as long as possible and hardie board siding offers this. This is because it is 90 percent sand and cement which makes it fire resistance.

What are the cons?

High installation and labor
Due to its composition, hardie board siding usually require more planning before making the installation. This ensures that it is perfect and meets all the requirements. Its weight is also another factor which can increase the labor. When compared to the lightweight aluminum and vinyl siding, this one will require more people to handle it.